Serial groper attacks second policewoman in court

serial groper Sidney Cooper
Sidney Cooper

NASSAU-A magistrate suspended sentencing of a convicted sex beast after he attacked a policewoman in court on August 9.

Although Sidney Cooper, 43, had previously assaulted a female officer in the face of the court, officers neglected to cuff him to reduce the chance of it happening again.

Cooper was freed from prison this year after serving 18 months for feeling up an officer in court number five on March 29, 2016 when he was arrested for the indecent assault of a teenager in downtown Nassau.

Magistrate Samuel McKinney was about to sentence the recidivist for the June 12, 2019 incident when he reoffended in front of the court.

Two policemen—a sergeant and assistant superintendent—were standing three feet from Cooper, who was in front of the prisoner’s bar, when he lunged towards the policewoman and groped her as she walked past.

Those same officers had moments earlier stopped Cooper from making a beeline towards the woman as he left the witness stand.

The woman shrieked and fell to the ground, as she fought him off.
The male officers, who were standing nearby, pulled Cooper off the officer and started to stomp him, as he tried to grab the woman again.

Can’t help himself

In his testimony, Cooper, who has been diagnosed with frotteurism— the practice of achieving sexual stimulation or orgasm by touching and rubbing against a person without the person’s consent and usually in a public place—said he couldn’t resist touching the teen.

The girl said she was fixing her blouse in her skirt when a stranger touched without consent before running away.

He testified, “I rushed the scene like a wild animal. I couldn’t resist it. I thought it was an invitation for me. It looked so nice, so sweet; I couldn’t refuse it. I locked on her [word deleted] from the back. I grope her. That’s what y’all is call it, right?”
An unrepentant Cooper told the court, “I did what I did. Life is short and I can’t regret it.”